Blocks of flats management

Specialists in the management of blocks of flats on behalf of
fully set up management companies
and freeholder managed blocks

Blocks of flats management

Specialists in the management of blocks of flats on behalf of
fully set up management companies
and freeholder managed blocks

SJB Properties specialises in the management of blocks of flats on behalf of fully set up management companies and freeholder managed blocks, offering a local agency able to deal with all matters efficiently and personally. We will be delighted to offer many years of experience for any size blocks, from 2 flats to significant blocks.

We specialise in management of blocks of flats providing a fully comprehensive service to management companies and freeholders of blocks. We pride ourselves in providing a service that can respond immediately to matters that arise and deal with all matters relating to the communal parts of the site. The following are included in our standard service and other items can be added to tailor the service to any particular block.

Services List

  • The provision of a registered office.
  • The custody and maintenance of all company records and correspondence.
  • The preparation, printing and distribution to members of estimates of Service Charge. When the company has decided the amount of Service Charge, the notification of this to the members with instructions as to payment.
  • The issue of notice for Ground Rents and their collection if appropriate.
  • The maintenance of the company’s accounts and making payment for all authorised services. Opening and maintaining a current bank account, for the day-to-day business, and a deposit account for deposit of reserve funds.
  • Arranging and maintaining insurance cover for the building and common areas and dealing with claims arising.
  • Dealing with all company matters relating to new members of the company.
  • Arranging contracts for the cleaning of communal areas, gardening etc. including schedules of work. Inspection of the work from time to time as required.
  • Carrying out regular and frequent inspection of the common areas.
  • Arranging for repairs to common areas including their periodic re-decoration. Inspection of the work.
  • Dealing with Accountants, Insurers, The Inspector of Taxes and the Registrar of Companies on all matters concerning the company.
  • Attending as required at meetings of the Directors and at the Annual General Meeting and briefing Directors and Secretary prior to the latter.
  • Advising the Directors and Secretary on a day-to-day basis on all matters concerning the company.
  • Being available, in normal business hours to answer, advise or act upon queries or problems raised by Members (Owners of Flats or their appointed representatives)
  • Out of hours emergency mobile number will be provided to all Members (Owners of Flats or their appointed representatives) from which advice will be given or contractors visits arranged as appropriate.
  • Assistance to the Company Secretary as required in deciding dates and agenda for general and Directors meetings.
  • The preparation, printing and distribution of all documents relating to these meetings is the responsibility of the Company Secretary, but a service covering these functions can be provided additional to agreed fees at a small cost.
  • To assist Solicitors acting for members and their prospective purchasers in matters arising during the conveyancing of the Leasehold interest. (An administration charge of £100.00 + VAT is made for the preparation, copying, packaging and delivering of the appropriate paperwork payable by the member selling the flat in question).

Fees for the above service will be quoted per Management Company due to the variance in size of blocks, number of members, quantity of communal facilities and requirements of management service.

We do not have a fixed term contract for our management services, and offer them with three months notice on either side from a quarter date, to terminate the agreement.

Agreement may be commenced verbally and all the above will form the basis of the appointment.

Blocks of flats mainly revolve around properties where a flat is owned under a leasehold. This means that the owner has a long term lease that they purchase which often requires them to pay a ground rent to the freeholder of the site and to pay a service charge for the provision and upkeep of communal aspects of the site.

Although there may be slightly differing versions of the management structure, the greater majority of blocks are set up with what is known as a management company in place to administer the rules of the site under the clauses and contractual terms of the lease.

The management company’s duties are usually to collect an annual service charge from each flat owner which will cover the cost of running the development, meeting the communal costs like buildings insurance, communal electricity for lighting, gardening and cleaning  to communal areas, provision for repairs and maintenance, provision for cyclical works like external and internal redecoration, and administration costs like accounting, legal requirements and collecting and recording all the financial transactions. On top of this, the management company would be responsible for ensuring that each and every resident is complying with the lease and the rules of the development contained in the lease.

It is a sensible option for management companies to employ a managing agent to administer the requirements rather than individual flat owners taking on that task. Management companies will require provision to deal with the terms of the lease and to meet the requirements of Companies House for limited companies in terms of statutory submissions.

SJB Properties have many years of experience of providing a service to our clients that is efficient and cost-effective dealing with all the daily requirements that may occur. We are experienced in planning and estimating service charges so as to avoid (where possible) dramatic changes in the annual service charges and to ensure that provisions are kept in reserves to deal with longer term maintenance and repair requirements.

We will be pleased to look around your site and to provide a management plan and estimated service charge budget so that we can agree the best structure for your block.

Our fee structure is based on a fixed annual fee per property in the block and our base rate is currently at £150.00 per flat per annum (plus VAT).


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