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The following provides a guide as to the services that we offer and is not an exhaustive list and does not constitute any part of a contract. We will arrange to meet and assess the property and specific details will be discussed with our clients at the time that instructions are given.


This service is aimed at clients who wish us to act on their behalf in the letting of their property, collection of rents, arranging maintenance of their property and the resolution of any day to day matters that may arise. We offer a fully comprehensive service which means we handle all matters and our clients only have to become involved if they choose to do so.

We are able to carry out the following functions to assist:-

  1. Preparation of brief details describing the property to assist in finding a tenant.
  2. Where required, advertise the property in local newspapers and on our website and send details to suitable applicants on our register.
  3. Arrange for prospective tenants to view the property.
  4. Following a prospective tenant making an application, we will take up references and assess their suitability as a tenant.
  5. Compile an inventory and/or schedule of condition of fixtures, fittings and furnishings as applicable.
  6. Make arrangements for signature of tenancy agreement(s), inventory and/or schedule of condition and relevant paperwork. We will usually sign a tenancy agreement on behalf of our Landlord, acting as their agent.
  7. Collect a deposit / deposit guarantee / letter of guarantor equivalent to at least one months rent, and hold such deposit / deposit guarantee / letter of guarantor, as stakeholders on the tenantís behalf, against damages and dilapidations.
  8. Collect rent, which we expect to be paid monthly in advance, and pay this to the client, through their bank account, or other means, after deductions. When rent is not paid we will make all reasonable attempts to obtain payment. (Unless specifically arranged we do not guarantee the rent payments, and we are only able to pay the client when we have received cleared funds from the tenant)

    1. Where the tenant may be entitled to Housing Benefit in part or in full, moneys will be paid to the client as received from the local Authority, less deductions. (There may sometimes be a short break in between payments, wherever possible we will keep the Client informed of the situation.)
  9. As required, we will pay any outgoings from the rent account. (i.e. Insurance, Service Charge, Ground Rent, Repairs, etc.)
  10. Issue a periodic statement of account together with copy invoices (where applicable).
  11. Deal with all matters arising from the tenancy. Where necessary issue instructions for repairs as required, or as instructed, or deal with such matters in the Client's best interest.
  12. Make regular periodic visits to the property to check the condition and, if appropriate, the contents provided reasonable access can be gained, also to ensure, to the best of our ability, the correct use of the premises. We will advise from time to time of any repair, redecoration etc. that we consider is required. (We do not offer any guarantee as to the tenants conduct and accordingly we will not be held liable for any expense incurred as a result of the tenants behaviour or default, including loss or damage caused by the tenant over and above that covered by the deposit amount held.)
  13. Issue notice to quit at the appropriate time, as instructed.
  14. At the termination of the tenancy, to check the Inventory and Schedule of Condition and charge any damages and dilapidations reasonably recoverable from the Tenant.
  15. In the event of misconduct or malfeasance on the part of a tenant, we will pursue your interests to the best of our ability. Court proceedings, at your expense, will not be commenced without your specific instruction. Whilst we take every reasonable precaution against such action on the part of a tenant, we cannot be held liable for such actions. We do however, view such occurrences extremely seriously and will take all reasonable steps within the law to ensure the tenant is found and repays the debt.
  16. Whilst every reasonable care and attention is paid to the discharge of the above functions, our actions on behalf of Clients can only be within the limited powers permitted by Statute. We are not able to guarantee the conduct of an individual Tenant, whether in payment of rent, or care of the property. Where redress at law is appropriate we will afford our Client all possible assistance in the preparation and prosecution of such action, the costs of which will be at the Clientís expense.


This service is aimed at Landlords who live nearby to their property and wish to deal direct with their Tenants during the tenancy, but who require assistance in finding a Tenant and producing the relevant paperwork and comprises:

  • Advertising the property in local newspaper and on our website.
  • Finding a suitable Tenant.

    (This will include arranging viewing, accompanying the prospective tenant where necessary, and arranging interview with the Landlord if required)

  • Taking up references for the Tenant.
  • Drawing up the Tenancy Agreement and associated documents and arranging signatures.
  • Handing over keys if we are holding them.
  • Notification to the utility companies of changes of tenants and meter readings etc.
    (except telephones lines which are the responsibility of the previous occupant)
  • Arranging an inventory and/or Schedule of condition of the property and providing copies to the Landlord and Tenant.
  • Holding a deposit, on behalf of the Tenant (as stakeholders), against any damages or dilapidations.
  • Inspection of the property following vacation and agreeing any damages or dilapidations that are reasonably recoverable from the Tenant.



  • Our fee is one monthís rental (plus vat) for the initial setting up and 10% (plus vat) thereafter for the ongoing management. We aim to be competitive in the provision of this service, and will therefore discuss, and agree, an appropriate fee when assessing the property with you, and offering our advise on an appropriate level of rent
  • These fees are negotiable for multiple properties
  • These fees cover a 12 month letting period, if the same tenant continues for a further 12 month period then we charge a nominal £100 (plus vat) for renewing the tenancy including a rent review, inspection and all relevant paperwork, and 10% (plus vat) ongoing
  • Our minimum fee is £360.00 (plus VAT) per annum
    (Equivalent to 10% on a £300.00 per calendar month rent)


  • A fee of 1.5 month's rent (plus VAT) is chargeable
    deducted from the initial moneys collected upon the tenants signing the agreement.

Additional Client Requested Fees

  • Advertising

    Where it may have been agreed to charge for special advertising this will be charged at cost and the cost will be agreed prior to the advert being placed

  • Travelling Expenses

    Beyond a 15 mile radius from Banbury travelling may be charged quarterly at 50p per mile. (e.g. if we were instructed to carry out an inspection outside our normal procedure

  • Tax computations

    We can provide annual statements of income/expenditure for income tax purposes for which we charge a fee of £80.00 (plus VAT) per tax year covered

  • Quarterly Statements

    Although the standard quarterly statement is included within the management fee, we reserve the right to make a charge for any intermediate statements, or additional copies


As Agents we reserve the right to instruct contractors to attend to maintenance works of less than £100.00 unless given specific instructions to the contrary. Wherever possible our Clients instructions will be sought in respect of works that exceed this amount.

If at the termination of a tenancy there is a substantial dilapidation claim against the Tenant, involving considerable amounts of work, a charge of 10% of that claim will be made against moneys recovered.

After prior consultation with the Client, and where the work entails the preparation of a written specification, obtaining competitive quotations, supervision and final certification, or the substantially equivalent amount of work - we charge up to 10% of the final cost of works of repairs and maintenance.

For insurance claims a fee of £50.00 (plus vat) or 1% (plus vat) of the settlement figure, whichever is greater, is chargeable. (It may however be possible to recover this fee within the settlement.)


  • The provision of a registered office.
  • The custody and maintenance of all company records and correspondence.
  • The preparation, printing and distribution to members of estimates of Service Charge. When the company has decided the amount of Service Charge, the notification of this to the members with instructions as to payment.
  • The issue of notice for Ground Rents and their collection if appropriate.
  • The maintenance of the companyís accounts and making payment for all authorised services. Opening and maintaining a current bank account, for the day-to-day business, and a deposit account for deposit of reserve funds.
  • Arranging and maintaining insurance cover for the building and common areas and dealing with claims arising.
  • Dealing with all company matters relating to new members of the company.
  • Arranging contracts for the cleaning of communal areas, gardening etc. including schedules of work. Inspection of the work from time to time as required.
  • Carrying out regular and frequent inspection of the common areas.
  • Arranging for repairs to common areas including their periodic re-decoration. Inspection of the work.
  • Dealing with Accountants, Insurers, The Inspector of Taxes and the Registrar of Companies on all matters concerning the company.
  • Attending as required at meetings of the Directors and at the Annual General Meeting and briefing Directors and Secretary prior to the latter.
    Advising the Directors and Secretary on a day-to-day basis on all matters concerning the company.
  • Being available, in normal business hours to answer, advise or act upon queries or problems raised by Members (Owners of Flats or their appointed representatives)
  • Out of hours emergency mobile number will be provided to all Members (Owners of Flats or their appointed representatives) from which advice will be given or contractors visits arranged as appropriate.
  • Assistance to the Company Secretary as required in deciding dates and agenda for general and Directors meetings.
  • The preparation, printing and distribution of all documents relating to these meetings is the responsibility of the Company Secretary, but a service covering these functions can be provided additional to agreed fees at a small cost.
  • To assist Solicitors acting for members and their prospective purchasers in matters arising during the conveyance of the Leasehold interest. (An administration charge of £55.00 + VAT is made for the preparation, copying, packaging and delivering of the appropriate paperwork payable by the member selling the flat in question).

Fees for the above service will be quoted per Management Company due to the variance in size of blocks, number of members, quantity of communal facilities and requirements of management service.


We offer a range of other services to include advice on property investment, refurbishment advice and project management and other property related matters

Fees for these services would be discussed during a meeting with the client.

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